Attestations of Documents and Nationality Certificate

Bangladeshi documents/certificates to be attested by BAHC, Agartala must have prior attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka. Without prior attestation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BAHC, Agartala is unable to attest such documents. For more details on consular services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, please visit at

In respect of documents originating from India (Residence ID, Family Certificates, Academic and other educational Certificates/documents, Legal documents, Marriage/Relationship Certificate, Birth/Death Certificate, Trade License, Power of Attorneys, Utility Bill, Driving License and any other document requiring attestation), the BAHC, Agartala requires them to be first attested by the concerned officer of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. Please contact at GA (Political) Department, Government of Tripura for further information regarding prior attestation on documents originating from India.

  • Concerned person must bring his/her ID/Passport to prove identity. One set of photocopy of the document and copy of National ID/passport need to be submitted
  • Attestation Fee: INR 180 per page
  • Delivery Time: 03 Working Days
  • Applicants are requested NOT to transfer fee online/over internet. After depositing the required amount, the applicant must bring the original money transfer receipt to BAHC, Agartala and submit along with other documents. The fee must be deposited in the following account of BAHC:

Account Name             :           Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Agartala

Bank Name                  :           State Bank of India

Branch Name               :           Agartala

Currency                      :           Indian Rupees

Account No.                 :           10915025116

Branch IFSC Code       :           SBIN0000002

Note: All service recipients are requested to take utmost care while transferring money to the designated account of the BAHC Agartala. In case of any discrepancy, service recipients are requested to submit request for refund to the BAHC Agartala within 7 (seven) days of the associated transaction, failing which the BAHC Agartala will not be liable or bound to refund any claim. Please note that the refund claims usually take several days to process.

Nationality Certificate: To obtain nationality certificate by the Bangladeshi nationals, one has to appear at BAHC, Agartala with prior appointment and apply with the copy of his/her valid passport.

Fee: INR 1,000.

Delivery time: 03 (Three) working days

For further query, please send email at